Southern Cross Bore Project, Northern Territory

Davenport’s Southern Cross Bore Project, comprising ELs 30090 and 28045 , covers an area of 600km2 about 75km north-east of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory.

The project is prospective for iron oxide, copper, gold-style (IOCG) mineralisation and is located within the high grade metamorphic rocks of the Central Block of the Arunta Province a Palaeo to Mesoproterozoic mobile belt. Within the project area the Arunta Province is represented by the Strangways Range Metamorphic Complex, originally a sequence of sedimentary and volcanic rocks of early Proterozoic age, that was deformed and metamorphosed 1700 to 1800 million years ago by regional metamorphism associated with igneous intrusion.

Map of tenement location over geology base

Map of tenement location over geology base

A north-trending zone of intense tectonism bisects the eastern part of the project - called the Pinnacles Shear Zone. It hosts numerous quartz-copper veins to the east and the Johnnies Reward prospect to the west. Johnnies Reward is a mature prospect discovered in 1964. Davenport’s exploration has included an RC drilling program, soil-sampling, rock sampling, a second drilling program including both RC and diamond drilling followed by a small heliborne VTEM and magnetics survey.

Drilling results at Johnnies Reward from the 2012 program included

Drilling results at Johnnies Reward from the 2012 program included

The long section below shows mineralized intersections, including previous holes drilled by Geopeko and Alcoa.

A recent re-interpretation of the VTEM and magnetic data from the October 2013 heliborne survey has incorporated all available lithological and mineralization information from the prior drilling campaign. The Interpretation of the magnetics suggests that mineralisation may extend for several hundred metres to the north. The VTEM indicated the possibility of additional deeper east dipping conductors that have not been tested by drilling.


Planned Exploration

Davenport is undertaking a detailed aeromag survey over the full licence area of the Southern Cross Bore project. Following interpretation, field work, including soil and rock chip sampling over priority areas will be used to select the best targets for follow up geophysics to prioritise targets for drilling.

Mining Management / Environment

Exploration Mining Management Plan
Flora and Fauna Assessment
Weed Management Plan